Frits Achten 150 150 supportpunt-beheer

Frits Achten

You were great yesterday. You guys did much more than build a wheelchair ramp and put some eyes painted on wood and ceramics. It was helping, working together, making the children and the elderly feel at home, and a lot of informal but enjoyable communication. What you have brought into the project is much more than what an ordinary construction company can deliver. I am pleased with it.

Thea en Marlous 150 150 supportpunt-beheer

Thea en Marlous

Burenzorg Werkgroep Burenzorg of BV De Bergen is very happy with its idea of a giveaway cabinet in the neighborhood's public space. Uit De Buurtfabriek supported this idea with designer Fanny Griveau and raised the project to a qualitative level. The producers have shown their craftsmanship and were able to indulge themselves to the fullest. We are proud of this collaboration, and the city and neighborhoods heartily recommend this organization!

Anja Wasser 150 150 supportpunt-beheer

Anja Wasser

Thoughtful, inventive, and very involved. That's how it felt for me to work with Uit De Buurtfabriek! I can recommend this to everyone. The wooden partition they made was not only authentic craftsmanship but also very beautiful to see.