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If you opt for customization from Uit de Buurtfabriek, you opt for customization with social impact. Are you looking for a custom wooden solution for yourself, your company, or your organization? Our team is happy to think with you about how we can achieve this, from interior design to promotional gifts. We discuss your wishes, make a suitable design, and finally create a high-quality and unique end product.

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We map out the customer's wishes as clearly as possible and consider the various options for making the project a success.


We shape the project from the first sketch to a fully developed 3D drawing.


Based on the technical drawings, we produce and deliver the end product before the agreed deadline.


We create meaningful projects by facilitating coorperation between designers, creators and companies.


We offer custom-made solutions for companies, organizations, and individuals. We also sell our design collection. This consists of unique wooden furniture and interior items of your design.

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Curious about what we can do for your project? Contact us.